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2005 saw the start of Hytruck as a small project in the IJmond region (Netherlands).

The project was assessing the potential of Hydrogen as a fuel for heavy trucks.
If successful, the goal of zero emissions would be realised thereby creating a cleaner and more efficient transport in the future.

A big think-tank

Mr. Jan Boudesteijn took the initiative and brought together a wide range of potential stakeholders to explore the many possible of road transport solutions. He came across Eric Beers and Michel Dekkers with whom he developed the solution to achieve Zero emissions in city distribution. The trio focussed upo making a 7.5 Ton distribution vehicle using a combination of hydrogen fuel cells and batteries to provide the propulsion power. Using electric motors at each wheel the innovative driveline was created. Along with Hytruck Nedstack and e-Traction were technical partners . SenterNovem provided the necessary funds to make the concept a reality. The resulting truck was first shown at the RAI Truck show in 2007 where all the hard work was recognised by winning the Award for Innovation. This truck has been used on many shows and events to demonstrate what is truly possible with an electric driveline in a distribution truck.


The team didn’t rest on their laurels and continued with the research and development. The financial crash in 2009 forced a rethink and the focus moved away front the ideal future proof solution to a pragmatic solution for today. A simpler solution was sought that could readily be introduced to the market. The result is a 16 ton GVW fully electric truck. Economics compelled the team to opt for a single centrally mounted electric motor , dropping the motor per wheel, and an expand capacity batteries packs are fitted. The finished truck is economically viable proposition and still fulfils the goal of zero emissions.

Project :- evaluation of driving electric vehicles

The continuity of Hytrucks has been ensure through the tenacity and perseverance of the team backed by continued funding from the Project evaluating the viability of electric trucks. The project has enabled 9 transport operators to convert their interest into orders for dedicated city distribution trucks. The operators and Hytruck have equipped the trucks with monitoring devices that will record extensive data about the use and performance of the trucks. This evidence will further strengthen the case for zero emission city distribution.

Bakwagen Peter Appel

Bakwagen Deudekom  Bakwagen Vroegop

Bakwagen De Rooy Transport

The route to a cleaner future

Hytrucks founders

3 persons have been the vital force in the creation of Hytruck. The years of diesel running through their veins has been replaced by electrons and hydrogen molecules! The complementary strengths and qualities coupled with the shared vision have been the foundation stone of Hytruck.

Jan Boudesteijn

— Mob: +31(0)653-246858

Eric Beers

— Mob: +31(0)651-587696

Michel Dekker

— Mob: +31(0)622-653274

Together with his brother, Jan is director and owner of the Boudesteijn Group who specialise in transport solutions. Within the group there is a transport operation and a removal business. The group used to have the Scania dealership for Ijmond . Jan is the chairman of the group. He champions the use of Hydrogen and is very active networking especially in those areas where Hydrogen could be utilised. It was through this connection that the initial investigation into Hydrogen fuel cells in trucks was started.


22 years of his career Eric worked at Beers, they were the Scania importer for the Netherlands, having a broad range of responsibilities from technical management rising to be the sales and marketing director. He chairs the electricity in mobility solutions committee of the RAI. Within the RAI he is also involved in many commissions viz. sustainability in transport. These activities has given him a wide network and opportunities to lobby for the zero emission in transport solution.

Michel is almost a real trucker! Before joining Hytrucks he’s had 14 years working in the industry in particular as product manager with Scania. He is completely convinced about the potential of zero emission trucks. His energies are directed at creating novel, sustainable technical solutions to the challenges that Hytruck face.


Our milestones

  • 01

    Winning the innovation award at the RAI truck show

    As a newcomer Hytruck exhibited the C8HE at the 2007 RAI truck show. The truly novel and revolutionary view of the future distribution truck they showed the jury that the concept of a silent, clean and efficient driveline that would have negligible impact upon its surroundings is the way forward.

  • 02

    Hannover Messe

    2010 saw the 2nd participation of Hytruck at the Hannover truck show. Hytruck along with other Dutch companies e.g. Nedstack and Hygear they showed their expertise on the Hydrogen and Fuel cell pavilion.

  • 03

    World Hydrogen Conference

    May 2010 the world hydrogen conference was held in Essen. Naturally Hytruck was there providing test drives for the delegates among passenger cars from Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Hyundai and Honda. The delegates realised that the solution for the future was to be found in small independent companies.

  • 04

    Full electric Hytruck

    At the end of 2011 Hytruck presented its first full electric 16 ton's chassis. This time without a fuel cell and a more conventional electric driveline. Based on a proven DAF chassis this would set the focus for the near future.

  • 05

    Project evaluation of electric driven vehicles starts

    End 2012 Hytruck got the green light to start the evaluation project managed and run by Agentschap.NL. 8 Hytruck trucks will be fitted with comprehensive monitoring systems in order to get a complete overview of the operational effects of these truly novel vehicles operating in the city.